Value Added Service & Support

As a privately owned company, the only people we answer to are our clients.


Striking a balance between effective community association management and assisting the Board of Directors in building a sense of community requires a team approach.  We believe  in exceeding the expectations  of our Board and community members.  As a privately owned company dedicated to responsible growth, we have the flexibility to meet the needs and desires of our clients. 

​Through our All Inclusive Management Agreement, all annual legal requirements and necessary adminstrative services are included at one set price. We would much rather spend our time managing your community then counting paper clips and copies.


Effective financial managmeent provides accountability for the deposit and disbursement of funds.

​Our timely and accurate financial statements provide the Board of Directors with the necessary information to compare their performance against their anticipated budget projections.   Having a clear understanding of your financial position assists the Board in making sound financial decisions.

​We work with the Board each year to ensure that a sound budget and accurate reserve information is adopted and noticed to the membership.


The maintenanance, enhancement and protection of a community is a cornerstone of good governance in ensuring property values and community morale remain high.  

While preventative maintenance is not inexpensive, prematuring aging of infrastructure and replacement is much more costly.

A.R.K. Management assists their clients in putting a preventative maintenance program into place and has relationships with excellent service providers that will bring value to your community.


Good communication goes well beyond sending out a monthly newsletter.  In today’s fast paced world, many members want instant communiction.  At the same time, some of your members may require a more traditional means of reaching out.  We can do both. 

​Our e-blast communications software doesn’t just send information, it provides analytics so that our clients are aware of the effectiveness of their communications. 

​Technology based communications save homeowner association $$$ and assists in building a sense of community.  Ask us about our Board Member Electronic Table Program for Board Packages and other “at your fingertip” Associaton information! 


A.R.K. Management has the infrastructure and technology to rivial any other management firm operating in San Diego County.  

​Our Operating System Caliber is a fully integrated software solution offering Accounting, Delinquency, Architectrual, Compliance and Maintenance moduals. A web-portal interfaces with Go-Vivo software to create an online presence where members can go to for information or to check their account balance, compliance issues, etc.  Located within the portal is the ability to set up Board Member access for documents of a confidential nature.

Strongroom through AvidXchange brings total accountability and transparency to the AP process. The workflow can be set up to meet our clients indivdual operating desires.  Through Strongroom, Board members can even approve and apply digital signatures for reserve checks.    

​Our operating software combined with our sourced communication and AP  solutions provides our clients with unsurpassed functionality and oversight.


A.R.K. Management doesn’t just manage homeowner associations, we partner with our clients through a team atmosphere and can do attitude!

​Whether you are a first time Board Member or a seasoned pro, we tailor our services to meet your needs.  

Our clients receive an annual Board Training and Indoctrination from company leaders at no additional charge to their contract.  Our clients are never charged for Executive Level interactions as we want to know our clients.

​Our total immersion within the HOA Management Industry is evident through our volunteer service as industry educators, writers and panel experts.