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A.R.K. Management is a premier provider of management services to Homeowner Association Boards in Southern California. We offer transparency and efficiency backed by advanced technology.

Our expert-led company is dedicated to delivering exceptional HOA management solutions designed to earn your trust and confidence, not just your business.
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What is A.R.K. Management?

We are local, debt-free, and prioritize the needs of our clients above anything else.
Our boutique-style approach is supported by an infrastructure on par with  our larger competitors.
Our executive leadership possesses management, consulting, and academic experience.
We have a proven track record of success. Our clients love to brag about our service.
We have in-depth knowledge of Developer/DRE (new development), aging infrastructure, and green technology communities.
Our management agreement does not have any hidden fees.

Powered by advanced technology

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AvidXchange provides accounts payable solutions that streamline invoice capture, intelligently route approvals, and automate payments. This ensures that you reduce costs and paper waste while boosting productivity. AvidXchange is used by many Fortune 500 and 1000 companies and government agencies, bringing complete transparency and accountability to your community.
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Caliber is an accounting software product with fully integrated property management features. It offers AP, AR, GL, cash, accrual, and modified accrual-basis, compliance, maintenance, architectural, delinquency, and more. With Caliber, you'll enjoy an advanced system created specifically for the HOA Management industry.

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A.R.K. has a solution for your property management needs with Poplar Homes. Navigate HOA regulations and guidelines for your rental with ease.
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