Consulting Services

Allow our expertise to work for you with Homeowner Association consulting services that are tailored to elevate the standards and operations within your community.

Board Indoctrination / Education

Our CAI award winning Board Education Program is perfect way for newly elected Board Members to get started or as a review for more seasoned leaders. Something specific in mind? We can provide programs on Reserves, Budgeting, Maintenance, Strategic Planning and more!

Bidding Process

Most Boards would never consider going out to bid for a large project without having specifications written by an expert in their field, yet they will go out to bid for Management without a comprehensive set of specifications. This often results in excessive turnover upon the realization that what you “thought” you were getting is not what you received. We are available to assist you through the entire bidding process or simply through assisting you with writing specifications that are guaranteed to result in “apples to apples” bids.

Review of your Rules, Regulations and Policies

Does it seem as if compliance takes forever or is there a constant misunderstanding of process? Allow us to review your current operations, policies, and procedures in order to streamline your efforts and make your hard work count.

Policy Governance

Does it seems as if nothing ever gets done, or is there infighting between the Board and Management over authorities and expectations? Policy Governance can get you on the right track through the creation of a governance structure that sets verifiable expectations through a documented system of Governance Policies that identify Ends and Means. It further puts into place a system of governance that others can follow for years to come.