Consulting Services

Board Indoctrination/Education
Our CAI-recognized, award-winning Board Education Program is the ideal starting point for newly elected board members or a comprehensive review for seasoned leaders. Have something specific in mind? We offer specialized programs on reserves, budgeting, maintenance, strategic planning, and more!
Bidding Process
A common mistake boards make is soliciting bids for management services without a comprehensive specification set. This oversight can lead to high turnover when the delivered services don't match expectations. ARK Management's expertise ensures you receive comparable "apples-to-apples" bids.
Review of Your Rules, Regulations, and Policies
Is compliance taking too long, or do you often face misunderstandings about the process? Let us review your current operations, policies, and procedures to streamline your efforts and ensure your hard work is effective and efficient.
Policy Governance
ARK Management's policy governance can resolve the conflict between the board and management. This system establishes a clear structure with verifiable expectations and documented policies. This approach also lays the foundation for a sustainable governance system for future teams.

Is policy governance right for your community?

Your community can benefit from policy governance if there are:

Above the norm changes in managers/management companies
Inconsistencies between the contact and basic service inclusions
Conflicts over the roles of the Management and the Board
Long meetings that lacks direction and accomplishments
Difficulties in making timely decisions
Lots of politicking, maneuvering, and board members acting on their own