About A.R.K.

A.R.K. Management was founded in 2007 and reorganized in 2013 under the current partnership. Our company name came with the purchase, and while we would have liked to have changed it to something catchy like Magnificent HOA Management or HOA Management-R-Us, we decided: “Why change the name when the company was already known for providing an excellent level of service and support for Homeowner Associations throughout Southern California?”

Our partnership formed when the Community Association Management industry was transitioning due to the arrival of large conglomerates and publicly traded companies. Board Members were looking to get back to the time when their Community Association Management professional viewed them as more than just a number, and they didn’t incur extra charges for service and support that used to be included within the HOA management contract. In putting our heads together to define our operations, we devised a few lofty goals for A.R.K. Management:

1. Elevate the level of service and support currently found within the industry.
2. Be different and operate in a manner that builds bridges instead of walls amongst our clients and memberships.
3. Never forget that we are in a people business.
4. Under promise and over deliver.
5. Stay informed and be engaged.
6. Have fun and provide a great working environment for our staff.

In the first three years of business, we outgrew our office three times, so we figured we must be doing something right. Join our team and experience the A.R.K. difference!

Expanding horizons with A.R.K. Management Group, Inc.

A.R.K. Management merges with Action Management Long Beach under Poplar Homes, forming A.R.K. Management Group, Inc. This strategic partnership paves the way to a stronger and more efficient support network for Homeowners.

Customer Reviews

This review is for Elyse Kist. She has been very attentive and helpful since she has been charged with overseeing the property where I reside. Additionally, she is very professional and kind. Thank you!
Ralph M
I appreciate the emails with the updates that I receive. Great communication and very handy than receiving a letter in the mail. So no matter where I am I get the emails. It is great to feel connected to the community with the news and updates.
Nicole M.
I needed to change my checking account number as my old account was comprised after a SDGE scam call. Paul was kind, understanding & mailed me a new form to authorize my autopay HOA payments. It was returned with a voided check today. Thank you Paul Abbott.
Diana C
I think Ark has done a very good job. Kay has responded in a very timely fashion and they have completed the projects we have asked them to do. I am pleased.
kristin mobley
Carol is just awesome!!! That is all I can say: very professional, responsive, sympathetic and just great!
Needed the most updated Rules and Regulations. There were emailed to me immediately. It was much appreciated.
Mary Koster
Very happy our community selected A.R.K.! They have been invaluable to our HOA Board and I recommend them without hesitation.
Mary M.
Very happy our community selected A.R.K.! After a sudden change with our assigned property manager, Vicki MacHale stepped in to manage our community. This sudden change was the best thing that could have happened to our community; Vicki has proven invaluable to our HOA Board. I recommend A.R.K. Management without hesitation.

Mary M
Prior to working with ARK Management, we had nothing but issues with the HOA and prior Property Management company. Yet when ARK became our management company we were able to communicate, work together and resolve a problem that had been lingering for well over 2 years and was taken into litigation…..and it took Vicky and her team less than 30 days to accomplish what we had been asking the prior management company to do for the prior 2 plus years. GREAT follow up….GREAT communication….GREAT knowledge.

Jeffrey N.
I have worked with Vicki from ARK Management for the past 10 years in the HOA industry. She is one of the hardest working and knowledgeable professionals I know. She cares deeply for her clients and is always looking for innovative ways to to help them out. For those that serve on an HOA board, you know it can make thankless as well as daunting. Your faced with making tough decisions, sometimes unpopular, but in the best interest and common good for your community. Having a trusted adviser to help guide you thru that process and mitigate the risk of costly, bad decisions is critical. Vicki is one of those trusted advisers, and I don’t know many that have the level of experience or knowledge the she possesses. She is an asset to any board looking looking to do things right.

Damian E.
ARK Management and our accounting firm worked together for a large association in Escondido for about 2 1/2 years. As the general accounting manager, I found the ARC on-site managers and the executive manager consistently professional, reliable and a pleasure to work with. ARK also provided accounting services to other HOAs which technically made us competitors. However, we experienced no issues with us contracting directly with the mutual client which tells me that ARK has respectable business ethics. Frankly it was refreshing to work with their team and I would not hesitate to work in a partnership situation with them again.

Gary Satterfield
The Board of Director’s of Bonita Woods Park has been extremely pleased with our transition to ARK Management after years of mismanagement and overcharging by the former management company. During their first year with us we have truly been grateful for ARK’s all-inclusive fee structure and superb financial guidance. We are now “in the black” with no major indebtedness and a positive cash flow along with an increasing reserve account…great ownership, great people throughout the organization!

Jerry Prior, President
As a former HOA President, I have been very pleased with the knowledge and experience that A.R.K Management provides. They are very helpful with tactical as well as long term strategic planning in our community. Their advice on key issues and opportunities, and their daily support in our community has proven to be excellent.

Rob W.
I would highly recommend ARK Management to anyone looking to bring professionalism and smart business practice to their community.
Summer Hill
As a former board member and lover of my community, I am happy that there are people like Kathy and Vicki willing to help. Always extremely friendly and full of life, it is nice to be able to work with professionals who are calm and collected even when under fire.
John N.
Time and time again, A.R.K. demonstrated their ability to maintain professionalism under extremely difficult times. We are a 21 year old community of 700 homes and you would never now the age since it has been managed and maintained so well.
Becky T.
ARK Management is an extremely professional company to work with. If you are considering looking for a management company, consider ARK as they are going to always look after your association.
Steve H., Escondido Highlands
After our 6th Manager in less than a year, we gave up and went out to bid. We didn’t even know what we were missing until ARK.
Neil Harris, President
A.R.K. Management was able to provide alternatives for our very difficult budgeting issues which allowed our Board to make better informed decisions.
Shelley Smith, Friars Village